Crime and Poverty

Within a couple of years of opening, the William J. Fischer Homes became plagued with crime and violence. News paper headlines claiming murder and prevalent drug use, exploded across the greater New Orleans, claiming that the unequal distribution of low income families into one condensed area was at fault. By the 1980’s crime and drugs had ravished the Fisher Projects leading to popularized murders and waves of crime. There was plenty of murders and robberies that took place in this forgotten wasteland and innocent people lost their lives to gangsters and drug dealers. The people living in these community would often keep silent about crimes, distrusting the police, and fearing retribution from crime leaders. Eventually, the Fischer Projects became an uninhabitable place for people to live in. The most famous murders of the Fischer Projects were the murders of nursing student Jo Ellen Smith, Claudette McGowan and her eight year old child, and the murder of Officer Gregory Neupert.


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